Friday, April 19, 2013

Product Review: Behavior Management Strategies for Speech Language Pathologists by Smart Speech Therapy LLC

I recently had the opportunity to exchange materials with Tatyana Ellesef from Smart Speech Therapy LLC.  She authors many presentations/handouts on different speech and language topics.  I am writing today about “Behavior Management Strategies for Speech Language Pathologists.” 

Most of us have high caseloads, and due to time constraints, pack our schedules full, and can’t always choose the optimal groups for our students/clients.  And sometimes, well, we all have kids on our caseload who are not exactly well-behaved.  What do you do when one student disrupts your sessions, and negatively impacts on the learning environment for everyone? 

Tatyana’s 62 page presentation is well thought out and gives clear strategies on behavior management techniques.  What I love about this packet:
·         She lists the possible functions of behaviors.  Why do our students/clients exhibit the behavior?  This is one of the most important steps in determining an appropriate intervention. 
·         She discusses ABCs and FBAs….  Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence and Functional Behavior Assessments.  She provides wonderful examples in each of these areas.
·         She discusses a behavior management hierarchy, from least to most intrusive.
·         There are 5 case examples, with questions to think about, then you can turn to the next page to find out the answers.  This is wonderful because it provides you with immediate feedback about what interventions were chosen.
·         6 useful appendices – I printed and laminated these for quick reference.

You can find this packet, along with many other fantastic presentations at her store, HERE.  And if you don’t follow her on Facebook, you can find her page HERE.  Right now she is having a sale,and you can pick the packet up for $14.99, quite a bargain, especially when most books on behavior management techniques are priced much higher.  And the best part, because it is written by an SLP, these strategies are ones you can use right away in your therapy room or office.  This is definitely a must-have presentation if your caseload is like mine!

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