Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FREEBIE: Category Word Wheels

We all know how important vocabulary development is for our students. There are so many resources out there to assist with retention of vocabulary, but my students still get bored, overwhelmed, or have difficulty retaining new words.  My students with word recall deficits always need new ideas that help with automatic recall.  I always use visual strategies, so we use many different types of graphic organizers in my sessions.  Two types of activities I have used, in addition to the traditional organizers, are using paint chips or colored word wheels. Later this week I will have a post showing how I use paint chips with my students. 
Tonight’s freebie is called Category Word Wheels.  Category names are in the center of each word wheel, and students need to fill in 6 nouns in each category.  You can use these to make a book, decorate your walls or bulletin boards, or any other way you would like.  Colored and black and white word wheels are included, as well as blanks to add your own.   If your students are able to name 6 nouns, have them turn over the wheel and write some more!  You can find the freebie HERE.

I hope you enjoy this activity.  Look later this week for my post about paint chips, as well as word wheels for synonyms, antonyms and more!  If you like this post, please follow my blog!
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