Monday, April 21, 2014

Speachy feedback

Today I'm linking up with Nicole Allison for Speachy Feedback!  Today's winner of a product from my store is Shannon from Speechy Musings for leaving feedback that really made my day!  

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Product review: Speech Language Assessment Checklist for Adolescents 12-18 Years of Age

Do you work with adolescents?  If so, you definitely need to check out this wonderful product from the brilliant Tatyana Elleseff of Smart Speech Therapy!  I am so excited to review this product with you, as Tatyana continually provides terrific information regarding the assessment and treatment of a huge variety of speech and language disorders.  This product is no exception, and well, checklists just make me happy (yes, I am such a geek, lol!).

This 6 page checklist (overall product is 10 pages) is chock full of the information you need to make an informed decision regarding assessment.  Here is a sample of what you will find in this product:

This comprehensive checklist is well organized.  Here is a list of many of the areas included:
  • Receptive, Expressive, and Pragmatic language
  • Executive functioning
  • Memory, Attention, and Cognition
  • Vocabulary
  • Discourse
  • Speech
  • Voice
  • Prosody
  • Resonance
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Problem solving

Each area contains a well thought out list of characteristics and difficulties associated to assist in the determination of a need for evaluation.  The checklist also includes an area to describe the student's most significant areas of difficulty, as well as any additional information necessary when making a decision on assessment.  Tatyana suggests giving this checklist out to several individuals to assist in the decision-making process.

This product will be very useful for me in the Middle and High Schools in my disrict, as I am constantly being asked to screen students.  This checklist will allow the teachers and parents to express their concerns, and give me the valuable, timesaving information I need to make an informed decision about wat areas of speech and language I need to assess.

So, where can you pick up this awesome product?  Well, you can head on over to her online store to purchase it now HERE for $10.99.  Tatyana has also generously allowed me to provide one of my readers with a copy of it.  Enter via the rafflecopter below!

Other helpful resources from Tatyana include:

Bio: Tatyana Elleseff MA CCC-SLP is a bilingual SLP with a full time hospital affiliation as well as private practice in Central, NJ. She specializes in working with multicultural, internationally and domestically adopted as well as at-risk children with complex communication disorders. For more information visit her BLOG, STORE, or follow her Facebook page.

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