Thursday, January 30, 2014

Product review: Speech Language Pirates Superhero Syntax

When I saw Denise post about her latest product, Superhero Syntax, I knew my preschoolers would love this!  This product is not only for preschoolers though; those of you with elementary students will be able to use this, as there are higher level complex sentences included.  Take a look at the contents:

Pronouns: Subjective– Slides 1-8 
Pronouns: Objective/possessive – Slides 9-16 
Nouns: Slides 17-24 Verbs: tenses – Slides 25-32 
Basic Concepts: Location – Slides 33- 40 
Basic Concepts: Size (comparatives/superlatives) - Slides 41-48 
Compound/Complex Sentences: Slides 49-56 
Passive Voice: Slides 57-64 
Negation: slides 65-72 
Data Collection Sheet: page 75 
Prompts for use as a reading comprehension task: pages 76-84 
Flip Book Covers: page 85 

This is how I assembled it:
After printing, I folded, rather than cut, each page, so the pictures and writing faced each other. I punched holes along the folded part, and then put all of the pages into a binder. I actually had to buy one larger than the one I had at home, because of the amount of pages included. A 1 and 1/2 inch binder works well for this. Once the pages were in the binder, I was ready to go! Please note, the directions say to cut the pages in half, but due to laziness my eagerness to use this, I kept the pages folded. It works for me for now, and when I have more time, I will be cutting the pages then gluing the backs of them together, to make it easier to turn to the next set of pictures and prompts.

This can also be used as flashcards, and Denise includes the prompts for each picture separately, just for this purpose.

This product is very comprehensive. It includes three pictures per student side, with prompts on the opposite side for therapists to use.  I love the data sheet as well, it makes it so simple to track progress!

My students loved this.  I was able to include receptive and expressive tasks, by having students first point to the pictures representing the sentence prompt.  After this task, we flipped back, and I had them formulate their own sentences.  My only (minor) issue with this was that I did not know every superhero included (shame on me!) and one of my students with apraxia had a meltdown when I could not understand the name he was telling me.  Oops! A quick text to my husband, and the problem was solved!

This is definitely a product worth investing in.  It can be used in multiple ways, with a varied age group and incorporates many goals.  And superheroes, really, what's not to love?  This binder will be traveling with me on a daily basis!  

To purchase Superhero Syntax, visit Speech Language Pirates at Teachers Pay Teachers.
You can follow her facebook page and blog as well!

And, to kick off my one year blog birthday celebration, Denise has kindly offered to give a copy to one of you fabulous readers!  

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SLP Frenzy

So excited to be part of the SLP Frenzy!  Click on the map above to get started!