Sunday, October 27, 2013

App Review: Fun with Verbs and Sentences

I was thrilled when I was contacted to try out Hamaguchi apps latest app. Fun with Verbs and Sentences. Perfect for early intervention therapists, as well as parents of young children, this app helps kids learn to formulate basic sentences, comprehend verb tenses, pronouns, and more.

I love the customization features in the Settings. You can choose the sentence type(s) to address, and if you would like pronouns or nouns. You can decide when to give rewards, levels of cueing, etc.

For pre and post testing, you can choose the "Watch and Say" activity in the settings. Here, you see an animation, there is a cue, "What is happening?," then a child records his/her sentence. There are three dots below the animation to help cue the parts of the sentence if needed.

The next activity is "Build a Sentence." In this activity, a child can choose the subject, verb, and preposition or object of the sentence. 

 When the parts are chosen, an animation of the sentence is shown, and then the child records the sentence.

 My kids had so much fun building the sentences and watching the animations. The animations are engaging and are a reward in and of themselves, with or without the additional bubble game included.

I highly recommend this app because it address sentence formulation goals, pronouns and verb tenses, while being highly engaging and motivating for kids ages 2-5 (or for lower functioing early elementary students). It is currently on sale for $9.99 (through October 31), but is regularly priced at $15.99. Here is a link to check it out!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spooktacular Speechie Sale

Check out the Speech stores participating in the Spooktacular Sale!  Remember to use code FB100K through the end of midnight October 13th.  

Happy shopping!