Sunday, December 1, 2013

TPT sale and what's in my cart

I am so excited about this sale!  This sale last year was the first time I made a purchase on TPT and it started me thinking that I could make some products of my own!  

But first, here are some products from my store that are new:

This series by Lucille Colandro is one of my favorites.  I love the repetitive format, and the kids love the old lady swallowing everything in sight!  You can find this companion at my store here:
Book Companion for There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell

Build A Snowman Open-Ended Games: Who doesn't like building snowmen?  There is an included game board, as well as an activity that can be used with or without the game. You can find it here:
Build A Snowman Open-Ended Games

I also have a homework packet for articulation.  This bundle is loaded with printable worksheets to send home for homework, or they can be used in therapy, for fast drill activities.  I am currently working on more sounds as well.  There are several different activities on one page which I love, as well as a parent letter.  Here's the link:
Articulation Placemats: Homework Sheets and Drill Activities

What's in my shopping cart?

Lots of clip art. Can't wait to share some new things with you!

Here are from other SLPs, some I already have but wanted to highlight here.

From Lynda SLP 123:


From straight up speech

From Queen's speech

From Rae's Speech Spot

I have not decided about what to choose from Mia McDaniel and from Speech2U.  I have a lot of their things already, but they are definitely on my list.  Here are the links to their stores: