Thursday, April 4, 2013

Activity Swap :Just Wright Speech

One of the first speech page owners I met online was Natalie from Just Wright Speech. She is a talented Speech-Language Pathologist from Texas, whose friendly, energetic personality is displayed on her blog, page, and in the materials she creates. I enjoy having someone like her to bounce ideas off of, and I love using her materials. I wanted to highlight one of her activities here today, Category Sort -2nd edition. Here is the description of the packet: 

 Included in this packet: 
Nine category sorting mats for the following categories: toys, letters, numbers, furniture, desserts, clothing, school, sports, & tools -81 category cards (9 for each category) 
 Suggested use: -After laminating, add small magnets to the back of the small category cards. Place the larger category mats in baking sheets and the magnetic cards will “stick” to the mat. -Sort category cards onto respective mats. 
Depending on level/need of student(s), have them label the picture, use a sentence to determine the pictures category, and/or use a sentence to describe attribute(s) of picture. 
Print two copies of each category card set to use for a game of memory or go fish. 

 What I love: 
• The variety of categories: My students won’t get bored because there are so many different categories included. 
• Engaging graphics 
• The many uses for this product: Not only does Natalie list several suggested uses, but there are many other ways to use it. 

 One of the activities I did this week with a group was playing a hide-and-seek game with the cards. The mats were placed on the table, and students used flashlights to find the cards around the room. As each card was found, the student labeled the item and had to put it on the correct mat. After all of the cards were found, each student had to formulate sentences containing words from the activity. We also played Go Fish with the cards to improve questioning skills, as well as semantic skills. You can find her activity here. Her original Category Sort is also at her store here. And if you stop by her Facebook page, let her know I sent you. Enjoy!

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