Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trivia Night First set

Here are the details and rules.  There will be three sets of questions, each set will be ten minutes long.  Email me at figurativelyspeechingslp@gmail.com with your answers.  All correct responses will be entered into a raffle.  Two winners from each round may select a prodct of their choice, no bundles, from my TPT store.

The first set of questions will be about me, my blog, and my store.  To qualify for this round, you need to respond correctly to 4 of the 6 (I know I said 5).

1.  How many years have I been a Speech-Language Pathologist?
2.  Where did I get my degree?
3.  Name two of my featured products in my TPT store.
4.  How many free products do I have?
5.  What does my caseload primarily consist of?
6.  How many posts do I currently have on my blog?

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