Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'll try....

When you look in the mirror, how do you feel?  Confident?  Insecure?  Somewhere in between?  I've always been very insecure, and part of that is seen by how infrequently I post here.  That little voice inside my head always asks if people really want to read what I am thinking about, prepping for my speech students, a new therapy technique I've tried and loved, new materials I think are amazing.... You get the point.

I'm not confident.  It reflects in the way I walk around my school, how I interact with staff members, new people I meet, and even in meetings.  I dislike this about me, but I have always resigned myself to the fact that it is something that can't be changed.

But....I'm going to try.  I'm going to make that little voice inside my head say more positive things to me.  It may take a while, but I'm hoping I can make this happen.  It's something I've been thinking about for a while and today, while driving to work, the DJs on the radio were talking about this.  I flip stations a lot, but in the mornings, I like to listen to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Their fun show makes me start each day with a smile.  Today, Elvis and his cohosts were talking about what their inner voices said and it really hit home.  All of the negative self-talk needs to stop.  I want people to perceive me as confident, knowledgeable, sincere, and an expert in my field.  After 20 years and countless PD hours, I can honestly say that I know I do my job well, and I want others to see it.  And with an observation coming up in two weeks, I need my new director to see it as well!  

In the words of Stuart Smalley, (look up Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live if you don't know who he is, I can't post a video link, as it is copyright protected by NBC) "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!"  LOL!


  1. Thank you for sharing such an honest post. Yes! You are awesome and a professional at what you do. Let yourself shine and be confident in what you say and do. Best of luck this year! :) Manda

  2. Jess, how can you NOT have confidence? Look in the mirror girl, you are awesome! Thanks for sharing what many people feel about themselves, but are too timid to voice. That little shy girl I used to be comes back to haunt me occasionally, but I can give her a hug and send her on her way. You can too! Great post.

  3. Yes, get that inner critic out and the inner coach in! You can do it girl!