Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Speechie Freebies: Parent Note

It's been a crazy couple of months!  Not only did I begin working at another school part time, in addition to my school district position and home care, but with the end of the year coming, I feel like I am always rushing to get everything I need done accomplished!

Anyway, at the new school, I am a contractor, so I only get paid for the time I see students.  I see students back to back, and don't have time to find and write in the notebooks tha the teachers send home daily.  I started just writing notes on large lined post-it notes, but it was too sloppy looking, and I didn't think it looked very professional.  I created this note to help me communicate better with the parents at this school.  I hope you can use it too!  Click on the picture to download.

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