Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Product review: Queen's Speech Owl's Multiple Meaning Words Are a Hoot!

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I love being able to review activities from other Speech Pathologists!  Not only does it allow me to see what others are doing, but it gives my students a chance to address their goals in a different way.  I have been looking for additional ways to focus on multiple meaning words, so when Rachel, from Queen's Speech, posted about her Owl's Multiple Meaning Words, I knew I had to try it out!  
What is there to love about this product?
1.   Ok, I don’t know about you, but I think these owls are absolutely adorable.  My students love the graphics!
·         2.  I love the mini posters and the poster that explains the three types of multiple meaning words!  So useful for our students!
·         3.  A variety of activities are included: Bingo, a game board, cards you can use for matching, and more! 
·         4.  Each word has the definition for both meanings, as well as a picture for each, which my students need to help them make a connection.
·         5.  Carryover pages….  Thank you!  It is always wonderful to have homework pages to send home, or a great activity to use as an exit ticket….  See the last two pages in the packet.  One page has an area to list words for homonyms, heteronyms, and heterographs, the other has students choose three words and write them in sentences, list words that have multiple meanings that are not included, and then draw a picture of them.  The last page can also be used as a sorting mat with her included pictures, but I did have them write examples in each section at the end of the session so I could see what they remembered.  My administrators love exit tickets, so I am always searching for materials that can be repurposed for that.

This is definitely a must-have activity in my speech room.  To view her activity, please go here.  Follow her on Facebook here, and her blog here!  Enjoy!

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