Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guest blogger SLP For Me

Hello!  My name is Dana ‘SLP for ME’ and I have to first off thank Jessica, the amazing SLP and blogger, to invite me to guest post on her blog, Figuratively Speeching SLP.  I have been an SLP for 19 years now and I am always looking for new and innovative materials.   You will find if you ‘like’ my Facebook page SLP for ME, that there always is some wild and crazy therapy activities going on in my room!  It is ironically funny the name of this contest ‘Spring Fever Blog Hop’ with a froggie clip-art, because I find that my speech room is hopping lately (well all of the time if you know me, but MORE now then ever)!  In fact, I actually was feeling a bit like a frog yesterday because I was hopping around so much!  I probably feel this way because there is constant movement with hands-on, engaging and motivating activities.  I get bored very easily, almost to the point that I will plan different activities for every session of the day.  Where do I get the materials?  Well, I buy all of my manipulatives from the dollar store and the rest I make or buy from other SLPs on TPT.   My goals when creating materials are to ultimately design functional lessons that I want my students to walk away inspired and desiring to learn more about while developing components of their language and speech!  Right now, for example, my students are ‘traveling’ to different countries each day.  Today, we packed up our speech bags and traveled to Japan!  My students were required to follow instructions by manipulating new vocabulary pieces to complete a scene and respond to thinking questions about the country!  For each country, my students received an egg if they could recall three things about the country and then write a sentence or short paragraph about what they learned.  It is the greatest feeling when they ask, “Where are we going tomorrow?” And when I tell them that we do not have school tomorrow, that they are sad!!!  I just love what I do! 

Now for the contest freebie:  You will find that the contest freebie is the featured product in my TPT store SLP for ME:
It is annual review season for me, which is always a time for reflection.  Did I reach the goals of my students?  Can I boost them up a bit during the last three months of school before summer vacation?  I know that many of them are struggling with verbal problem solving and what to say in specific situations.  I was looking through materials that I inherited and they really made me laugh!  Again, I need to present my students with functional problem solving and not abstract concepts (that is a completely different goal for a completely different child) so I created the Swing Into Spring with Verbal Problem Solving.  I wrote the 24 scenarios, often comprised of a two-part question that the students can role-play and answer!  The situations are ones I hear about often while working in the schools, and acknowledge that my students have difficulty responding to, such as scenarios dealing with negotiating, problem solving, compromising, planning, etc.  Hope you enjoy the freebie and thank you for participating in the contest!  

Any question, please do not ever hesitate to contact me at:   Love you all my SLP friends! 
Thanks Dana!
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  1. What fun I had today! Thanks for being part of the giveaway! I hope I win.

  2. I love all the freebies! Thanks so much! I hope I win!

  3. Thanks for the great freebies! I hope I win!

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  5. This was fun! Thanks for all the creativity that went into this fun activity and for the freebies! Shannon Cole

  6. Thanks for all of the wonderful freebies! I've never used Giveaway Tools before...I completed my entries but there wasn't something at the end to say "submit" or anything. Does it just automatically submit as I complete the entries? I just want to make sure I entered everything correctly! This is so exciting!!!

  7. I have had a great time "hopping". I truly appreciate all the work that went into all the freebies and now I'm aware of more blogs to follow. I am not on Facebook (yes, as horrifying as that may sound to some :-)), so thank you for providing other options to win.