Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two "Moore" ways to help Oklahoma SLPs

Since I have started this blog and facebook page, I have gotten to know many SLPs from around the country and beyond.  One person whose blog I follow, Amy from Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl, was working at her school in Moore, Oklahoma when the tornado struck on May 20th.  You can read her account of it here.  As a community, the SLPs reached out, not only to offer support, but to raise funds to help out the SLPs who lost everything when the storm hit their schools. 

As a result of collaboration and many people offering a product of theirs to bundle together, we are proud to offer two bundles to offer support for the SLPs of Moore, Oklahoma.  You can find both bundles here.  Each bundle is valued over $140, and is packed with fabulous products from your favorite SLP sellers.  These bundles will be available for purchase throughout the month of June for a $15 donation per bundle.  With about 30 products per bundle, how can anyone resist?

Finally, please head over to Amy's blog again for all of the details of this project and how many companies are also helping the schools of Moore, Oklahoma!

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