Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Story Retelling or Sequencing Activities

As a thank you to my more than 300 followers, I wanted to share with you some quick retelling story or sequencing ideas.  I know many of you have my Sandwich Writing Activity packet (either the free one, or the one with the black line pages as well).  I use that to increase paragraph skills, and gradually elaborate on responses until the students can write a 5 paragraph essay.  I also use this to help sequence stories or elicit details and main idea of a story that they read or heard.  They write down the sequence of events, one on each sandwich ingredient.  Then they can staple the sandwich together to make a book.  Again, i start out with one sentence on each ingredient, hoping the students remember the introduction, main idea, three details, and conclusion of the story.  You can also have the students list characters, setting, and other story elements, if that is your focus.  As the students understand the concept and improve their ability to sequence one sentence on each ingredient, I have them elaborate more on the details and the content of the story.  They can then use these to improve their ability to retell the story. 

The second activity I have used is making a bracelet with the students.  You can call it either a sequencing bracelet, or a retelling bracelet.  The bracelet is made from a pipe cleaner, pony beads or dyed macaroni.  I use a green bead for the introduction, and have the students choose their own colors for the main idea and add at least three more for the details of the story.  The final bead is the conclusion, which is red.  

Finally, I have used paper chains to assist in sequencing and retelling of a story.  Using the same concept as the bracelet, I have a green link for the introduction, and a red link for the conclusion.  The students can choose the other colors.

I put up an example of what I do with the paper chains for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I hope you can use these ideas and the TpT activity.  The example uses The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle, one of my favorite children's books!

Here is the link to the activity:

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